Genew Signs Contract with Qingdao Strategic Alliance of Smart City Industrial Technology Innovation, to Jointly Build Chinese Smart City

       Genew has recently signed a contract with the Qingdao Strategic Alliance of Smart City Industrial Technology Innovation, to build the overall brand image of Chinese smart cities along with its members.

       The alliance is committed to promoting the establishment of a uniform smart city product technology and service standards and evaluation system according with China's national conditions, establishing a public service management platform serving Qingdao and Chinese smart cities, establishing university-enterprise partnerships, and organizing smart city informatization professional certification and high-end smart training for service-oriented government regulators and industrial applied talents. It will host Qingdao and National Smart City Summits and Symposiums annually, and employ its advantage in industry, technology and expert team, to provide smart construction service and consultation for the government and industries.

       Genew is a world leading information and communication solution provider. Its EDS9000 emergency dispatch and command system has been applied in a wide range of fields including smart city operation, smart tourism, smart environmental protection and smart transportation, and provided advanced, professional and high-efficiency emergency command solutions for smart city construction. After signing the contract, Genew will promote the upgrading of the technical and industrialization capabilities of smart cities through advantage complementation with alliance members and rational division of labor, to contribute to the construction of Chinese smart cities.