The 1st Genew Technologies Co., Ltd., shareholders ‘Meeting convened successfully

 September12, 2015, Genew Technologies Co., Ltd., successfully convened its first shareholders´ meeting, the meeting agreed to establishing the limited liability company, and completed the last step of the reforming. From now on, the company officially changed its name into Genew Technologies co., LTD, symbolized Genew Technologies Co., Ltd., entering the new stage of strategic development.

Looking back the 10-year-development, from the mining area to the industry private network, Genew Technologies always hold the target of providing the impeccable solutions and high quality products. By excellent quality management, always provide the customers with highly satisfactory and proud of integration service. In September 2015, changing the company name from Genew Technologies Co., Ltd. Into Genew Technologies limited company, Genew Technologies officially opening a new chapter in the capital market.

The convening of this shareholders meeting, indicated that after several years hard working, Genew Technologies eventually realized its share holding reform step by step. Changing from the Co.,Ltd. Into limited company, this not only the name difference, but also symbolize the establishment of company equity structure, governance mechanism ,strategies ,etc. The establishment of Genew Technologies Co., Ltd., definitely will help Genew Technologies widen its financing channels, improve its business capacity, broaden its business scope, sustain its development. In the new round of marketing competition, except keeping the advantage in the domestic industry private internet field, Genew Technologies will also focus more on the developing its oversea markets. Genew Technologies entered the international market in 2014, based on the excellent R&D and technology innovation.

Genew Technologies will use more wide horizon and more hard working, grab the opportunities, make further development, creating Genew brand.