Shenzhen shock with science and technology co., LTD., founded in 2005, is a national high-tech enterprise, focusing on the next generation of communication and network product development, production, sales and system integration.The company existing staff more than 400, research and development staff of more than 60%.

Seismic technology is headquartered in shenzhen high-tech park, in Beijing, xian, changzhou, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Spain has a wholly owned subsidiary, has research and development center in hangzhou, chongqing, in the global and domestic regions with many sales and after-sale technical support center.

Earthquake has always focus on the industry of science and technology private network user market, adhering to the "creation is the vitality of sustainable" concept, independent innovation as the core, to customer satisfaction as the standard, adhere to the demand driven, technology innovation, custom service road, private network users to provide customized products for industry, solutions services.Company main customers include power, mining, petrochemical, government and enterprises, army, public security, education, and operators such as customers, products and solutions that cover the soft exchange, optical networks, wireless communications, video, and other fields.

Supplied with science and technology exchange, transmission, wireless communication, video communication and mobile Internet, and other products.Company's core products and services for the FCC certification, SGS certification, the ministry Ann certification certification, coal, electric power communication network certification, national defense communications network certification, and security, computer system integration qualification level 3 certificate of qualification, etc.

Earthquake science and technology with the telecommunication level communication and network product research and development for many years experience, has a strong research and development team and technical services team, to provided NuBiz ® series products and solutions for the brand, has fully independent intellectual property rights, are of good quality, reliable quality, rich, stable operation, wide application, has passed the FCC certification, SGS certification, certification of the ministry, national defense communications network access authentication, electric power communication network access authentication, coal security certification such as certification, in the vast market has higher professional evaluation and good user reputation